Sep 4, 2013

Important changes in Gmail Inbox for Wisestep users

Hello Wisesteppers,

If you've noticed your Gmail inbox these days you will find that it is divided into 3 tabs namely "Primary", "Social" and "Promotions".

Due to this change it may so happen that some of the important communication emails(job alerts, password recovery emails, notification emails, etc ) from Wisestep may be categorized as 'Promotions' by Gmail and all emails might have been placed in that tab. So we thought of sharing three easy steps which ensures that our emails will land under the 'Primiary' tab always for you.


The three simple steps are:
  1. Click on the Promotions Inbox tab inside Gmail.
  2. Drag your 'Wisestep' emails from 'Promotions/Social' tab and drop them onto the Primary tab.
  3. Just click "YES" When asked if you want future emails to go to your Primary inbox

Aug 30, 2013

Make the most of referral rewards with Wisestep

Mr. Roy referred Nathan for a plum job at a reputed investment bank.

Two weeks later Nathan was hired.

Nathan, wasn't even looking for a job.

He was surprised when he got the interview call from the company and, ecstatic when he got into a wonderful firm, a job he would give anything to get.
All because his friend Mr. Roy knew Nathan's skills and figured he would be perfect for the offered position.

Nathan got hired because:

a) Mr. Roy who referred Nathan, was an existing employee of the company. Existing employees understand the requirements, challenges and benefits of working with a particular company. They also understand what it takes to work in such an environment. Hence, they best understand if a person they already know would be likely to suit the open roles, in the company they work in.

b) Companies like the investment bank in question, and the like receive hundreds of applications each day for open positions, through their website. Whenever they receive referrals, referrals are given priority over those hundreds of other applications, and interviews are conducted for referrals first.

New York Times reports, “Although Ernst & Young looks at every résumé submitted, “a referral puts them in the express lane,” said Larry Nash, director of experienced and executive recruiting there. Indeed, as referred candidates get fast-tracked, applicants from other sources like corporate Web sites and job fairs sink to the bottom of the pile.”

The most desirable candidates, nicknamed “purple squirrels” because they are so elusive, usually come recommended, that is,through referrals.

Its definitely possible that someone you already know may know someone who can help you find the job you're looking for. Which is exactly what referrals are about.

Referred candidates are twice as likely to land an interview as other applicants, according to a new study of one large company by three economists from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. For those who make it to the interview stage, the referred candidates had a 40 percent better chance of being hired than other applicants.

Referral programs carry important benefits for big companies. Besides avoiding hefty payouts to recruiters, referred employees are 15 percent less likely to quit, according to Giorgio Topa, one of the authors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York study.

As a result, within the last two years, firms like Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and Booz Allen have created dedicated teams within their human resource departments to shepherd prospects through the system. Over all, Deloitte receives more than 400,000 resumés a year, but recommended employees are guided along by a 12-person team.

In particular, Wisestep has altered the hiring landscape, making it easy for recruiting departments to trace connections between job candidates and their own employees by using its database and software.

Jobs posted on Wisestep that offer referral rewards let you gain in three easy steps:

Select jobs with Referral reward> Upload friend's CV > Submit

And you're done.

Why not get started now?

Did you know that Wisestep allows you to post and share jobs using LinkedIn groups?

Check out our referral rewards section to refer friends and win, just with a click.

Mar 25, 2013

Recruiters now store your CV's on Cloud for Free

We have been constantly looking at the challenges faced by Recruiters and Hiring managers and have been working on finding smart ways of solving them

Some of the challenges that we repeatedly came across was, employers and Recruiters  hoard CV's but find it very difficult to organize them for Re-use at a later date. Here are some Common problems

1) All CV's are not easily searchable

2) Cannot tag  CV's instantly

3) The CV database not accessible on the go

4) Filtering duplicate CV's and getting  stats on the CV's stored

5) Cannot track Job Applicants among CVs Stored

We set about solving these problems  and have some simple but elegant answers to most of them. We have introduced is as the “CV Database” feature on allowing recruiters to store and access their CV database on the Go.

Here’s what they Employers and Recruiters can now do

1) Recruiters can store and search all their CVs in one place and create their own "Private" and "Searchable" CV data base based on keywords, Date, Labels, CV Source, Emails among other variables

2) To make backing up CVs Super fast  we have made uploading Fast. Just Select and Drag into the Page and you can upload upto 5000 Cvs in One go

2) Tag CV's with Labels of your choice. Skills/Location/Job Title/Keywords help you search for any CV instantly

3) All the CV's you upload onto Wisestep are your own private searchable database securely stored onto Amazon S3 (most trusted secure storage system) and not accessible to other than you and your Team

4) Once the CV's are uploaded they will be available for Search shortly thereafter. We will also generate some interesting  stats for your Database like: Total Cvs, Duplicate CV's, number of Labels etc.

5)  You can Create Team accounts for your Team and they can also see and search the Common CV Database making it easy to work across teams and locations

Jun 26, 2012

Changes to Wisestep Job Posting Policies

Attention Recruiters !

Attention Recruiters - Wisestep Job Posting Policy changes

We have made a few changes to our Job posting and publishing policies in the last few days based on the feedback from our members. Our Support team has received many complaints about inaccurate and in many cases misleading job posts. Some recruiters were using our Free Job ads for publishing things that were not quite jobs or employment opportunities. We've cleaned up and removed the jobs that did not qualify with our new critieria for posting a job.

Here's a quick guide on what Jobs will  not pass through

Jobs that are NOT ALLOWED :

a) Work from home / Virtual worker/ Telecommute jobs or variations of these

b) Commission only jobs

c) Adult companionship seeking jobs.

d) Jobs asking for applicants based on Religion, Age, Gender, Visa status or sponsorship

e) Business or franchisee Job Opportunities. Train and Place Jobs will also not be allowed.

f) Don't mention your email address or Phone Numbers in the Job post

Finally we reserve the right to remove your Job post at our discretion for reasons that may not be mentioned here but that we think may be offensive or unacceptable to our users.

We are keen to offer our members a professional and relevant experience in their job seeking experience and we hope that all Recruiters will use as much of our Free Offerings as possible to make their search for Talent easier and faster.

Here's a quick recap of what you can do for FREE ON

a) Unlimited Job Posts

b) Publish your jobs on your Social Network Feeds of Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter

c) One Click Job sharing on upto 50 Linkedin Groups

d) Built in Applicant Tracking System

e) Build your own Jobs page and plug it in to your Website. Convert Passive Visitors to Job Applicants

Do write to us with your feedback on or share in your thoughts in the commenting section below

Thanks for your support

May 24, 2012

Recruiter Signups touches 10,000 mark !

We are extremely happy to announce that the total number of Recruiters on has crossed the 10,000 mark this week. This is a milestone our entire team is very proud of. With your continued support and Feedback we hope to hit much larger numbers in the coming days but now is also the time to take a few moments to cherish this acheivement.

Over the past many months, has put together a combination of unique Recruitment tools that we hope have tremendously improved their productivity and helped them hire quicker and faster.

As more and more people spend time on Social Media, Recruiters need to use tools that help them reach people where they are most likely to be found. On Social Networks. IF you are not making your jobs visible on Social Media, you are losing out on some easy to get referrals and Job applications.

At recruitment is inherently Social  with Jobs being easily shared on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter (with a few more to follow soon).

We've also added the ability for you to share jobs on Multiple Linked in Groups with a single click and flag it as a job or as a discussion depdnding on the preferences of the moderator of the group. If you haven't tried this out yet, you are still spending probably an hour doing something that should take less than a couple of minutes.

Some of the enthusiasm with which recruiters use our tools by the number of shares is also visible on our Recruiter home page.

As we continue to add more cool features that helps you hire faster and makes you look goo, we ask all our users and supporters on supporters to do us a favor: Please don't keep us a secret. Tell all your friends and colleagues about us. Like us on Facebook!

Mar 27, 2012

You can be Famous too!

Hi all,

Do you have great career and professional insights? Ever wondered why you can never get them published? We say, you deserve your chance to fame.

If you feel that you have a few thoughts to share - career development tips, job market trends, recruitment and hiring outlook, and all that jazz - write a short 400-word article and mail it over to us. We’ll go through it, select the best entries for the week, and post it on Wisestep as a Featured Article.

Your article will be reviewed by our Editorial Panel, and if selected, added to our Columns Section. Talk about exposure! It will even get a place in the Wisestep Homepage for a week. These articles will be visible to people who really matter - Industry Leaders, potential Contacts, Employers and Recruiters - and generate discussions which can positively impact your Career.

Besides, you can even use your Article to drive traffic to your website. Add a couple of links that track back to your blog or website. We’ll even provide a Badge which you can add to your website, bragging that you were featured on

The rules are simple. Jot down your thoughts, and send as many articles as you wish to Just make sure your work is original and previously unpublished.

So, get started; and let the creative juices flow!

The Team

Mar 18, 2012

Now Post your Jobs on Linkedin Groups

A recent survey revealed that Linkedin beats Facebook, by quite some way, when it comes to social recruitment activity. 79 percent of all Recruiters use Linkedin to source Candidates, while hardly 35 percent depend on Facebook. This comes as no surprize to any seasoned Talent Manager. Linkedin, after all, is a purely professional online network.

However, all those Recruiters posting Jobs on Linkedin isn’t exactly great news. That implies that your jobs will get lost within similar traffic and lose out on the attention it deserves to get. Besides, your inbox gets flooded with Job Applications from scarcely qualified Candidates. This has forced Recruiters to turn to more inventive methods for sourcing high-quality Candidates from Linkedin.

One of the best sources for top talent is industry-specific Linkedin Groups. Posting each Job, Group by Group, is hard work though. But, what if you can post all your Jobs directly on your Linkedin Groups at a single mouse-click?

Try out Wisestep’s new Linkedin Groups Publish feature. This service now allows you to Post any specific Job onto Linkedin Groups of which you are a Member. You can even select specific Groups to publish each Job in. After all, it doesn’t make sense to Share a Java Developer job on a Group for HR Professionals!

Jobs published in this manner will receive a more relevant audience of Referrers and potential Candidates. You can now get the attention of second and third-level Connections - Professionals who do not belong to your immediate network. These Jobs can also be Shared over social networks, giving it a wider reach than ever before. What’s better, you won’t have to display your email address and invite spam. All Applications and Resumes will be saved for review on your own Wisestep Dashboard.

Social Recruitment is smart. We just try to make it smarter.
Power your Linkedin Job Publishing with Wisestep!