Oct 27, 2011

The New-Look Recruiter Section

Dear Recruiters,

We, at Wisestep, are excited to announce the launch of our revamped Recruiter Section.

If you had logged into your Recruiter Account recently, you would certainly have noticed that it had gone through quite a makeover.

The new Recruiter Section is sure to make your Talent Search a lot simpler, and easier.

Your Hiring Process can now get aboard the Web 2.0 experience. With an attractive and easily navigable menu, you can skip across tasks and functions. Your Recruiter Dashboard gives you a quick summary of all your Hiring activities, helping you prioritize and organize your CandidateSearch better.

The new Recruiter Section allows you to customize your Job Posts, to suit your liking. Post Jobs in minutes, and add Custom Questions to screen your Candidates. Once you have Posted your Jobs, you can easily share them with your Social Networks using our Share menu. You can even set up Publish Setting to periodically update your Network on Job Opportunities.

Social Media Integration gives your Job Posts greater visibility, and a broader reach – helping you get more Referrals and Applications, and Close Positions faster.

So drop by to your Recruiter Account, and start your Social Talent Search right away.

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