Nov 7, 2011

Now Job Sharing is Simpler, at Wisestep

It always helps to post your Jobs on your online network. Job Sharing helps you get Referrals and Applications from your network, and allows you to reach out to even passive job seekers.

However, it is quite a task, updating your Job Posts on three or four online profiles, every single day. We, at Wisestep, have introduced a new feature that will help take the sting out of the task.

The Publish Settings service now allows you to periodically update your latest Job Posts on your social networks. You just have to connect your Wisestep Account to your Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter profile, to ensure that your newest Jobs get displayed at regular intervals.

The flexible Scheduler allows your to manage your Job posting frequency, and the networks you posts Jobs on. So, you can take control of your Hiring Process, while making the most of your online connections.

Learn more about this service by following this link.

Set Up your Publishing once; Share Jobs every time.

Now, Let's take your Job Posts social!

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