Dec 19, 2011

Wisestep now Enables you to Recruit directly from your Website

Often, the simplest of tasks reap the greatest of results. It's a fact we often forget during the trials and tribulations of a candidate search.

Recruiters and hiring managers go to great lengths publishing their jobs in jobs sites, and via social networks. They search long and hard for referrals and scour resume databases for one ideal match. But what about finding candidates right from your corporate website? It's a task which most HR professionals conveniently neglect.

However, the Careers Section on your company's website is a vital tool in attracting and acquiring talent. Jobs posted on your website, are within your own domain, giving them greater credibility and visibility. They will stay there, right at the top, until you choose to remove them yourself. You can even edit a job post, or repost them conveniently.

Moreover, candidates applying through your website usually make a much better fit. These candidates have proven their interest in working with your organization. They had, after all, visited your website to find opportunities at your firm. Such interested candidates will remain loyal and engaged workers, lowering attrition levels within your organization.

A website updated with the most recent job opportunities is a sign of a professional, and well-managed organization. However, it's a task easier said than done. HR executives often have to chase their IT guy to upload recent openings onto their corporate website. So what happens when your company goes into a hiring spree? Can you really afford to lose out on top candidates with a proven interest in your company?

Wisestep offers you a feasbile solution. Try out the Wisestep Careers Page service.

Wisestep Careers Page allows you to integrate a customized careers section onto your corporate website. Design your own careers page – choose the layout, font, and colors to match your corporate brand. Now, in one simple step, you can copy a HTML code and integrate it within your company's website.

Your new careers page will be automatically updated with all jobs you post on Wisestep. No need to wait for your IT guy any longer. These jobs will also be published on 30+ other jobs sites and search engines. You can even share these jobs with your online friends and contacts over Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. You job posts can now get a broader reach than ever before.

Wisestep also makes it easier for your website visitors to apply for your jobs or refer suitable candidates. Instead of sending over an email, candidates on your careers page can apply directly to job posts. They can fill in their job application form, attach a CV and a cover letter, and send over their applications right from your website. Even better, passive job seekers can select from their friends and followers on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, and send over job referrals directly.

Even you employees will now find your hiring process more engaging and transparent. Add the Wisestep App on Facebook, to get your jobs listed on your Facebook Page as well. Now your employees and job seekers can view all job openings on your company's website or your Facebook Page and refer candidates right away. You can even offer them a Referral Reward for successful hires. Our efficient and intuitive Applicant Tracking System will keep track of all referrals you receive.

Wisestep adds a new dimension to your company's website. Now, with an interactive social referral system, you can finally turn your website visitors to job applicants and referrers.

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