Dec 5, 2011

You are just 3 Persons away from your Ideal Candidate

Anyone who had watched the movie Six Degrees of Separation will be aware of a seminal study in the 1960's that established that every person in the world is connected to any other through a maximum of six people. In other words, due to modern advances in communication, you will be acquainted to Barrack Obama or the village cheiftain of the Hausa tribe by a mere six people.

It might seem surprizing; but it is evidently proven. And that was way back in the sixties – when internet was unheard of even in sci-fi circles. So, no one would be surprized to hear that internet and the Facebook revolution have brought the world even closer together.

Facebook recently released certain stats, one of which made particularly fascinating reading:

We found that the degrees of separation between any two Facebook users is smaller than the commonly cited six degrees, and has been shrinking over the past three years as Facebook has grown, and now stands at 4.74 between any two Facebook users, no matter where they reside in the world.

This would mean that there are hardly 5 people connecting you to any other person in the world. This number falls significantly when the two people in question are within the same country. There are only three degrees of separation between any two members of the same country.

This literally opens up a world of opportunities for recruiters. Just spare a thought. What is you have a position as a "Java Developer" in hand. Think about the number of people who will be qualified to take this position up in the entire country, or possibly the world. (And don't worry about willingness; another study shows that 86 percent of Facebook users are, in fact, open to a new job.)

It is a pool of 800 million candidates, all of whom you know within five people.

Here's where a Social Referral can make all the difference.

Social Referral on Facebook

As a recruiter, you can post a Job on Wisestep for free. You can now share this job with your network on Facebook. You job post will now be visible to all your friends and contacts. Now, few of them might decide to share this post on their profiles, or inform a few other friends personally. Your second degree contacts will be from a range of feilds and industries. And chances are, one of them will surely know a person who will be just about right for the job.

It's easy from there. Your ideal candidate gets a Referral from a friend. And they could send over their resume, directly to your inbox with just a few mouse clicks.

So what are you waiting for? Your new hire's just three persons away!

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