Jun 26, 2012

Changes to Wisestep Job Posting Policies

Attention Recruiters !

Attention Recruiters - Wisestep Job Posting Policy changes

We have made a few changes to our Job posting and publishing policies in the last few days based on the feedback from our members. Our Support team has received many complaints about inaccurate and in many cases misleading job posts. Some recruiters were using our Free Job ads for publishing things that were not quite jobs or employment opportunities. We've cleaned up and removed the jobs that did not qualify with our new critieria for posting a job.

Here's a quick guide on what Jobs will  not pass through

Jobs that are NOT ALLOWED :

a) Work from home / Virtual worker/ Telecommute jobs or variations of these

b) Commission only jobs

c) Adult companionship seeking jobs.

d) Jobs asking for applicants based on Religion, Age, Gender, Visa status or sponsorship

e) Business or franchisee Job Opportunities. Train and Place Jobs will also not be allowed.

f) Don't mention your email address or Phone Numbers in the Job post

Finally we reserve the right to remove your Job post at our discretion for reasons that may not be mentioned here but that we think may be offensive or unacceptable to our users.

We are keen to offer our members a professional and relevant experience in their job seeking experience and we hope that all Recruiters will use as much of our Free Offerings as possible to make their search for Talent easier and faster.

Here's a quick recap of what you can do for FREE ON Wisestep.com

a) Unlimited Job Posts

b) Publish your jobs on your Social Network Feeds of Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter

c) One Click Job sharing on upto 50 Linkedin Groups

d) Built in Applicant Tracking System

e) Build your own Jobs page and plug it in to your Website. Convert Passive Visitors to Job Applicants

Do write to us with your feedback on support@wisestepmail.com or share in your thoughts in the commenting section below

Thanks for your support
Team Wisestep.com

May 24, 2012

Recruiter Signups touches 10,000 mark !

We are extremely happy to announce that the total number of Recruiters on Wisestep.com has crossed the 10,000 mark this week. This is a milestone our entire team is very proud of. With your continued support and Feedback we hope to hit much larger numbers in the coming days but now is also the time to take a few moments to cherish this acheivement.

Over the past many months, Wisestep.com has put together a combination of unique Recruitment tools that we hope have tremendously improved their productivity and helped them hire quicker and faster.

As more and more people spend time on Social Media, Recruiters need to use tools that help them reach people where they are most likely to be found. On Social Networks. IF you are not making your jobs visible on Social Media, you are losing out on some easy to get referrals and Job applications.

At Wisestep.com recruitment is inherently Social  with Jobs being easily shared on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter (with a few more to follow soon).

We've also added the ability for you to share jobs on Multiple Linked in Groups with a single click and flag it as a job or as a discussion depdnding on the preferences of the moderator of the group. If you haven't tried this out yet, you are still spending probably an hour doing something that should take less than a couple of minutes.

Some of the enthusiasm with which recruiters use our tools by the number of shares is also visible on our Recruiter home page.

As we continue to add more cool features that helps you hire faster and makes you look goo, we ask all our users and supporters on supporters to do us a favor: Please don't keep us a secret. Tell all your friends and colleagues about us. Like us on Facebook!

Mar 27, 2012

You can be Famous too!

Hi all,

Do you have great career and professional insights? Ever wondered why you can never get them published? We say, you deserve your chance to fame.

If you feel that you have a few thoughts to share - career development tips, job market trends, recruitment and hiring outlook, and all that jazz - write a short 400-word article and mail it over to us. We’ll go through it, select the best entries for the week, and post it on Wisestep as a Featured Article.

Your article will be reviewed by our Editorial Panel, and if selected, added to our Columns Section. Talk about exposure! It will even get a place in the Wisestep Homepage for a week. These articles will be visible to people who really matter - Industry Leaders, potential Contacts, Employers and Recruiters - and generate discussions which can positively impact your Career.

Besides, you can even use your Article to drive traffic to your website. Add a couple of links that track back to your blog or website. We’ll even provide a Badge which you can add to your website, bragging that you were featured on Wisestep.com.

The rules are simple. Jot down your thoughts, and send as many articles as you wish to editor@wisestepmail.com. Just make sure your work is original and previously unpublished.

So, get started; and let the creative juices flow!

The Wisestep.com Team

Mar 18, 2012

Now Post your Jobs on Linkedin Groups

A recent survey revealed that Linkedin beats Facebook, by quite some way, when it comes to social recruitment activity. 79 percent of all Recruiters use Linkedin to source Candidates, while hardly 35 percent depend on Facebook. This comes as no surprize to any seasoned Talent Manager. Linkedin, after all, is a purely professional online network.

However, all those Recruiters posting Jobs on Linkedin isn’t exactly great news. That implies that your jobs will get lost within similar traffic and lose out on the attention it deserves to get. Besides, your inbox gets flooded with Job Applications from scarcely qualified Candidates. This has forced Recruiters to turn to more inventive methods for sourcing high-quality Candidates from Linkedin.

One of the best sources for top talent is industry-specific Linkedin Groups. Posting each Job, Group by Group, is hard work though. But, what if you can post all your Jobs directly on your Linkedin Groups at a single mouse-click?

Try out Wisestep’s new Linkedin Groups Publish feature. This service now allows you to Post any specific Job onto Linkedin Groups of which you are a Member. You can even select specific Groups to publish each Job in. After all, it doesn’t make sense to Share a Java Developer job on a Group for HR Professionals!

Jobs published in this manner will receive a more relevant audience of Referrers and potential Candidates. You can now get the attention of second and third-level Connections - Professionals who do not belong to your immediate network. These Jobs can also be Shared over social networks, giving it a wider reach than ever before. What’s better, you won’t have to display your email address and invite spam. All Applications and Resumes will be saved for review on your own Wisestep Dashboard.

Social Recruitment is smart. We just try to make it smarter.
Power your Linkedin Job Publishing with Wisestep!

Feb 22, 2012

We knew we were good. RASBIC says we are the Best!

Hi All,

We've got great news!

Wisestep bagged a bunch of prizes during the RASBIC Awards Programme held on February 16, 2012. We had applied for three categories, and we did have our heart in our mouth when we headed for the venue last week. But then, the jury loved our features so much, that they gave us Awards in all three categories. We were judged the best in:
  • Best Use of Technology in Recruitment
  • Best Social Networking Recruitment Effort
  • Best Innovation in Recruitment

Well, we're still reeling from the surprise.
(Not that we didn't know we were good.)
But, it’s a warm feeling, all the same!

But, we do owe a lot to the Wisestep community as a whole!
We wouldn't have been able to make it without your support and generous feedback.
While we are doing good, we will try to get even better, and bring you the latest tools and technology which will enable you to take on all your hiring requirements.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Add a few comments, or send in your responses to support@wisestepmail.com.

Until then,
The Wisestep.com Team

Feb 21, 2012

The Future of Social Recruitment in 2012

Those in the HR industry would agree. 2011 was pretty much the Year of Social Recruitment. Recruiters and Employers ventured into Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, beaming across their jobs, hoping to reach out to the right candidate. Aspiring candidates resorted to commenting on these links and updates trying to catch the eye of the hiring manager.

With all the hype about Social Hiring, we should probably question the sustainability of the whole process. The spatial dimension of social networks are already cluttered with information, from photo updates to endorsement requests. So let's stand back and ask a few questions.

  1. Does job posts and career opportunities get the visibility they deserve?

  2. Does the overabundance of jobs make it, in fact, harder for candidates to find and apply for the right jobs?

  3. Can recruiters and hiring managers find able and qualified candidates from amongst the throng of responses they recieve online?

  4. Does sharing email IDs and Linkedin profiles on an online forum compromise on your privacy?

Most importantly, can social media sustain itself as a viable tool in recruitment and hiring practices without stumbling on its own largesse?

Social recruitment has integrated itself into hiring practices across the world. And there's no denying its value. However, what we need, at the moment, are dedicated career networks which can exist outside of, yet not independent from, the bigger social networks. This is what Wisestep aims to be.

Before we jump into wild and exagerrated assumptions, let us quickly assess how far Wisestep will be able to override the concerns we had shared above.

Visibility of Job Posts

Wisestep is a community of Professionals who share the common goal of furthering their careers. Hence, jobs and business opportunity will get precedence before much else within our network. Jobs posted on Wisestep are listed in a comprehensive Job Search Page, where candidates can look up opportunities that suit their qualifications. They are also published on over 35+ other websites and job aggregators, enhancing their online visibility. Recruiters can further improve their reach by sharing these jobs over their online networks. An easy job share feature allows you to send Job Alerts to individual Contacts, or post them directly on your own Profile. You can even set up a Publisher Settings to manage and track your online publishing.

Job Seekers' Ease of Access

Wisestep is dedicated to connecting Job Seekers and Passive Professionals to job opportunities that suit their professional profile. A faceted Job Search option allows you to narrow down the options and find just the right jobs you were looking for. Wisestep also has an intuitive algoritmh which can automatically suggest the best jobs to suitable candidates. By analysing your career goals and your professional profile, Wisestep will be able to recommend Jobs which match with your career ambitions. We can even recommend Jobs and Career Opportunities your friends will be looking for, allowing you to refer them to the right positions. Finally, even if you're not actively seeking a new job, you can always subscribe to our Job Feeds, or set up Job Alerts, so that you will get great opportunities delivered right in your inbox.

Finding Relevant Candidates

Recruiters unanimously agree that referrals are the best source for high-quality candidates. Wisestep is based on a social referral system, that can take referrals beyond your workplace, into cyberspace. Employers and recruiters can now share their Job Posts with the online Contacts on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. These Contacts can now Refer their friends, who are qualified to take up the job, with a single mouse click. Being part of your professional network, you can be sure that your referrers will just suggest the right candidates to take up jobs with your clientile. The referral scheme runs much deeper. Whenever someone opens a friend's profile on Wisestep, they will find a list of current jobs the person will be qualified for. While this process leads to more referrals, it also helps in pre-screening the candidates even before they are referred. Once you recieve an application, you can now search for the Candidate's profile on Wisestep to get the lowdown on his/her professional history.

The Matter of Privacy

Wisestep exists as a community of professionals outside of other social networks. So, you can always control who views your Profile and what information you share. Recruiters have a separate log in to secure their identity and post jobs for their corporate entity. With Wisestep, you needn't post your phone numbers or email addresses on a public forum – an act fraught with the danger of identity theft. Instead, Job seekers can apply directly to posted Jobs, and submit their CV's through a secure social channel. Recruiters, on the other hand, will be intimated personally of all responses they recieve via their corporate Email Address.

Social recruitment can, and will, sustain itself by transcending its boundaries while building on its specificity of providing hard-wired hiring solutions. That's what we hope to do as well.

For another great year of transformation,

The Wisestep.com Team

Feb 1, 2012

A Brand New Wisestep for a Brand New Year

2012 seems like a great year for your career, and we, at Wisestep, are out to do our best to help you out with it.

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new and enhanced version of our User Section for professionals and job seekers. The revamped User Section will help professionals build their career network, search and share job opportunities with greater ease and efficiency.

Over the past year, the Wisestep team had been relentlessly collecting feedback from users and professionals, the world over, on how we can improve performance and user experience. The new User Section reflects our commitment to your professional cause.

The redesign gives the User Section a smoother Web 2.0 look and feel. Bolder headers, crisper content, and a sleek design, makes it easier to navigate and a pleasure to use.

Users can now log into their Wisestep Account directly, or from Facebook or Linkedin. They can also expand their professional clout by bringing in friends and contacts from their social networks, through an easy one-step process.

The new User Section comes with a comprehensive User Profile. You can now add all your career-related information on a single, easy-to-view page. Update your Profile with relevant information to make yourself more attractive to potential contacts, and prospective employers.

Job sharing had always been the cornerstone of the Wisestep experience, and it will remain so. Go through our dedicated Job Search page to get a exhaustive rundown on the latest jobs in the network. Use the Faceted Search option to search for jobs, in a specific industry, company, locality, and lots more. Find just the right jobs you were looking for all along.

Found a career opportunity your friends would love? Referring them is easy, and gets done in a minute. Inform them by Email, or through your online networks. Also, keep an eye on jobs offering Referral Rewards. These jobs, marked out with a yellow tab, will fetch you a cash reward if a friend you suggested does get hired! Wisestep can even suggest the best Job Deals, offering the highest Referral Rewards in your locality on any specific day.

What makes Wisestep better than ever is how it can now search for and suggest just the right jobs for you. Fill in your Career Goals, and get notified whenever we find an opportunity that will help you move ahead in your career. Get recommendations for jobs your friends would love. Or subscribe to job titles you are looking forward to take. It's a lot more simpler with Wisestep.

With close to 100,000 professionals, experts and industry leaders on board, you can be sure you will meet the right people on Wisestep. We, in our small way, will just try to make your career networking an easier task. Log into your Wisestep Account, or Sign Up today, and give it a try.

Hoping to help you build a better career in 2012.

The Wisestep.com Team