Feb 22, 2012

We knew we were good. RASBIC says we are the Best!

Hi All,

We've got great news!

Wisestep bagged a bunch of prizes during the RASBIC Awards Programme held on February 16, 2012. We had applied for three categories, and we did have our heart in our mouth when we headed for the venue last week. But then, the jury loved our features so much, that they gave us Awards in all three categories. We were judged the best in:
  • Best Use of Technology in Recruitment
  • Best Social Networking Recruitment Effort
  • Best Innovation in Recruitment

Well, we're still reeling from the surprise.
(Not that we didn't know we were good.)
But, it’s a warm feeling, all the same!

But, we do owe a lot to the Wisestep community as a whole!
We wouldn't have been able to make it without your support and generous feedback.
While we are doing good, we will try to get even better, and bring you the latest tools and technology which will enable you to take on all your hiring requirements.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Add a few comments, or send in your responses to support@wisestepmail.com.

Until then,
The Wisestep.com Team

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