Feb 21, 2012

The Future of Social Recruitment in 2012

Those in the HR industry would agree. 2011 was pretty much the Year of Social Recruitment. Recruiters and Employers ventured into Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, beaming across their jobs, hoping to reach out to the right candidate. Aspiring candidates resorted to commenting on these links and updates trying to catch the eye of the hiring manager.

With all the hype about Social Hiring, we should probably question the sustainability of the whole process. The spatial dimension of social networks are already cluttered with information, from photo updates to endorsement requests. So let's stand back and ask a few questions.

  1. Does job posts and career opportunities get the visibility they deserve?

  2. Does the overabundance of jobs make it, in fact, harder for candidates to find and apply for the right jobs?

  3. Can recruiters and hiring managers find able and qualified candidates from amongst the throng of responses they recieve online?

  4. Does sharing email IDs and Linkedin profiles on an online forum compromise on your privacy?

Most importantly, can social media sustain itself as a viable tool in recruitment and hiring practices without stumbling on its own largesse?

Social recruitment has integrated itself into hiring practices across the world. And there's no denying its value. However, what we need, at the moment, are dedicated career networks which can exist outside of, yet not independent from, the bigger social networks. This is what Wisestep aims to be.

Before we jump into wild and exagerrated assumptions, let us quickly assess how far Wisestep will be able to override the concerns we had shared above.

Visibility of Job Posts

Wisestep is a community of Professionals who share the common goal of furthering their careers. Hence, jobs and business opportunity will get precedence before much else within our network. Jobs posted on Wisestep are listed in a comprehensive Job Search Page, where candidates can look up opportunities that suit their qualifications. They are also published on over 35+ other websites and job aggregators, enhancing their online visibility. Recruiters can further improve their reach by sharing these jobs over their online networks. An easy job share feature allows you to send Job Alerts to individual Contacts, or post them directly on your own Profile. You can even set up a Publisher Settings to manage and track your online publishing.

Job Seekers' Ease of Access

Wisestep is dedicated to connecting Job Seekers and Passive Professionals to job opportunities that suit their professional profile. A faceted Job Search option allows you to narrow down the options and find just the right jobs you were looking for. Wisestep also has an intuitive algoritmh which can automatically suggest the best jobs to suitable candidates. By analysing your career goals and your professional profile, Wisestep will be able to recommend Jobs which match with your career ambitions. We can even recommend Jobs and Career Opportunities your friends will be looking for, allowing you to refer them to the right positions. Finally, even if you're not actively seeking a new job, you can always subscribe to our Job Feeds, or set up Job Alerts, so that you will get great opportunities delivered right in your inbox.

Finding Relevant Candidates

Recruiters unanimously agree that referrals are the best source for high-quality candidates. Wisestep is based on a social referral system, that can take referrals beyond your workplace, into cyberspace. Employers and recruiters can now share their Job Posts with the online Contacts on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. These Contacts can now Refer their friends, who are qualified to take up the job, with a single mouse click. Being part of your professional network, you can be sure that your referrers will just suggest the right candidates to take up jobs with your clientile. The referral scheme runs much deeper. Whenever someone opens a friend's profile on Wisestep, they will find a list of current jobs the person will be qualified for. While this process leads to more referrals, it also helps in pre-screening the candidates even before they are referred. Once you recieve an application, you can now search for the Candidate's profile on Wisestep to get the lowdown on his/her professional history.

The Matter of Privacy

Wisestep exists as a community of professionals outside of other social networks. So, you can always control who views your Profile and what information you share. Recruiters have a separate log in to secure their identity and post jobs for their corporate entity. With Wisestep, you needn't post your phone numbers or email addresses on a public forum – an act fraught with the danger of identity theft. Instead, Job seekers can apply directly to posted Jobs, and submit their CV's through a secure social channel. Recruiters, on the other hand, will be intimated personally of all responses they recieve via their corporate Email Address.

Social recruitment can, and will, sustain itself by transcending its boundaries while building on its specificity of providing hard-wired hiring solutions. That's what we hope to do as well.

For another great year of transformation,

The Wisestep.com Team

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