Mar 27, 2012

You can be Famous too!

Hi all,

Do you have great career and professional insights? Ever wondered why you can never get them published? We say, you deserve your chance to fame.

If you feel that you have a few thoughts to share - career development tips, job market trends, recruitment and hiring outlook, and all that jazz - write a short 400-word article and mail it over to us. We’ll go through it, select the best entries for the week, and post it on Wisestep as a Featured Article.

Your article will be reviewed by our Editorial Panel, and if selected, added to our Columns Section. Talk about exposure! It will even get a place in the Wisestep Homepage for a week. These articles will be visible to people who really matter - Industry Leaders, potential Contacts, Employers and Recruiters - and generate discussions which can positively impact your Career.

Besides, you can even use your Article to drive traffic to your website. Add a couple of links that track back to your blog or website. We’ll even provide a Badge which you can add to your website, bragging that you were featured on

The rules are simple. Jot down your thoughts, and send as many articles as you wish to Just make sure your work is original and previously unpublished.

So, get started; and let the creative juices flow!

The Team

Mar 18, 2012

Now Post your Jobs on Linkedin Groups

A recent survey revealed that Linkedin beats Facebook, by quite some way, when it comes to social recruitment activity. 79 percent of all Recruiters use Linkedin to source Candidates, while hardly 35 percent depend on Facebook. This comes as no surprize to any seasoned Talent Manager. Linkedin, after all, is a purely professional online network.

However, all those Recruiters posting Jobs on Linkedin isn’t exactly great news. That implies that your jobs will get lost within similar traffic and lose out on the attention it deserves to get. Besides, your inbox gets flooded with Job Applications from scarcely qualified Candidates. This has forced Recruiters to turn to more inventive methods for sourcing high-quality Candidates from Linkedin.

One of the best sources for top talent is industry-specific Linkedin Groups. Posting each Job, Group by Group, is hard work though. But, what if you can post all your Jobs directly on your Linkedin Groups at a single mouse-click?

Try out Wisestep’s new Linkedin Groups Publish feature. This service now allows you to Post any specific Job onto Linkedin Groups of which you are a Member. You can even select specific Groups to publish each Job in. After all, it doesn’t make sense to Share a Java Developer job on a Group for HR Professionals!

Jobs published in this manner will receive a more relevant audience of Referrers and potential Candidates. You can now get the attention of second and third-level Connections - Professionals who do not belong to your immediate network. These Jobs can also be Shared over social networks, giving it a wider reach than ever before. What’s better, you won’t have to display your email address and invite spam. All Applications and Resumes will be saved for review on your own Wisestep Dashboard.

Social Recruitment is smart. We just try to make it smarter.
Power your Linkedin Job Publishing with Wisestep!