May 24, 2012

Recruiter Signups touches 10,000 mark !

We are extremely happy to announce that the total number of Recruiters on has crossed the 10,000 mark this week. This is a milestone our entire team is very proud of. With your continued support and Feedback we hope to hit much larger numbers in the coming days but now is also the time to take a few moments to cherish this acheivement.

Over the past many months, has put together a combination of unique Recruitment tools that we hope have tremendously improved their productivity and helped them hire quicker and faster.

As more and more people spend time on Social Media, Recruiters need to use tools that help them reach people where they are most likely to be found. On Social Networks. IF you are not making your jobs visible on Social Media, you are losing out on some easy to get referrals and Job applications.

At recruitment is inherently Social  with Jobs being easily shared on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter (with a few more to follow soon).

We've also added the ability for you to share jobs on Multiple Linked in Groups with a single click and flag it as a job or as a discussion depdnding on the preferences of the moderator of the group. If you haven't tried this out yet, you are still spending probably an hour doing something that should take less than a couple of minutes.

Some of the enthusiasm with which recruiters use our tools by the number of shares is also visible on our Recruiter home page.

As we continue to add more cool features that helps you hire faster and makes you look goo, we ask all our users and supporters on supporters to do us a favor: Please don't keep us a secret. Tell all your friends and colleagues about us. Like us on Facebook!

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