Jun 26, 2012

Changes to Wisestep Job Posting Policies

Attention Recruiters !

Attention Recruiters - Wisestep Job Posting Policy changes

We have made a few changes to our Job posting and publishing policies in the last few days based on the feedback from our members. Our Support team has received many complaints about inaccurate and in many cases misleading job posts. Some recruiters were using our Free Job ads for publishing things that were not quite jobs or employment opportunities. We've cleaned up and removed the jobs that did not qualify with our new critieria for posting a job.

Here's a quick guide on what Jobs will  not pass through

Jobs that are NOT ALLOWED :

a) Work from home / Virtual worker/ Telecommute jobs or variations of these

b) Commission only jobs

c) Adult companionship seeking jobs.

d) Jobs asking for applicants based on Religion, Age, Gender, Visa status or sponsorship

e) Business or franchisee Job Opportunities. Train and Place Jobs will also not be allowed.

f) Don't mention your email address or Phone Numbers in the Job post

Finally we reserve the right to remove your Job post at our discretion for reasons that may not be mentioned here but that we think may be offensive or unacceptable to our users.

We are keen to offer our members a professional and relevant experience in their job seeking experience and we hope that all Recruiters will use as much of our Free Offerings as possible to make their search for Talent easier and faster.

Here's a quick recap of what you can do for FREE ON Wisestep.com

a) Unlimited Job Posts

b) Publish your jobs on your Social Network Feeds of Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter

c) One Click Job sharing on upto 50 Linkedin Groups

d) Built in Applicant Tracking System

e) Build your own Jobs page and plug it in to your Website. Convert Passive Visitors to Job Applicants

Do write to us with your feedback on support@wisestepmail.com or share in your thoughts in the commenting section below

Thanks for your support
Team Wisestep.com

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