Mar 25, 2013

Recruiters now store your CV's on Cloud for Free

We have been constantly looking at the challenges faced by Recruiters and Hiring managers and have been working on finding smart ways of solving them

Some of the challenges that we repeatedly came across was, employers and Recruiters  hoard CV's but find it very difficult to organize them for Re-use at a later date. Here are some Common problems

1) All CV's are not easily searchable

2) Cannot tag  CV's instantly

3) The CV database not accessible on the go

4) Filtering duplicate CV's and getting  stats on the CV's stored

5) Cannot track Job Applicants among CVs Stored

We set about solving these problems  and have some simple but elegant answers to most of them. We have introduced is as the “CV Database” feature on allowing recruiters to store and access their CV database on the Go.

Here’s what they Employers and Recruiters can now do

1) Recruiters can store and search all their CVs in one place and create their own "Private" and "Searchable" CV data base based on keywords, Date, Labels, CV Source, Emails among other variables

2) To make backing up CVs Super fast  we have made uploading Fast. Just Select and Drag into the Page and you can upload upto 5000 Cvs in One go

2) Tag CV's with Labels of your choice. Skills/Location/Job Title/Keywords help you search for any CV instantly

3) All the CV's you upload onto Wisestep are your own private searchable database securely stored onto Amazon S3 (most trusted secure storage system) and not accessible to other than you and your Team

4) Once the CV's are uploaded they will be available for Search shortly thereafter. We will also generate some interesting  stats for your Database like: Total Cvs, Duplicate CV's, number of Labels etc.

5)  You can Create Team accounts for your Team and they can also see and search the Common CV Database making it easy to work across teams and locations

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