Sep 4, 2013

Important changes in Gmail Inbox for Wisestep users

Hello Wisesteppers,

If you've noticed your Gmail inbox these days you will find that it is divided into 3 tabs namely "Primary", "Social" and "Promotions".

Due to this change it may so happen that some of the important communication emails(job alerts, password recovery emails, notification emails, etc ) from Wisestep may be categorized as 'Promotions' by Gmail and all emails might have been placed in that tab. So we thought of sharing three easy steps which ensures that our emails will land under the 'Primiary' tab always for you.


The three simple steps are:
  1. Click on the Promotions Inbox tab inside Gmail.
  2. Drag your 'Wisestep' emails from 'Promotions/Social' tab and drop them onto the Primary tab.
  3. Just click "YES" When asked if you want future emails to go to your Primary inbox

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